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To be known as the leading company in the drive to going paperless in the Caribbean region. We provide a means for every organisation to unlock the latent potential of their data through digitization of their paper records.


Our mission is to boost productivity in the Caribbean through green solutions and to deliver world class service by building trust, maintaining quality & using best fit solutions to increase our clients’ efficiency, profitability & sustainability.


Every client should expect personal service. Therefore our customer commitment is at the forefront of each customer touch point. Our friendly and experienced staff are well trained to manage your documents in a professional manner and sign confidentiality agreements. At PGO we pride ourselves on client relations and engagement to ensure timely quotations, project feedback and after sales service


PGO can mobilize resources quickly to meet peak loads or tight deadlines by adding equipment and personnel from our pool of trained staff. Our lean operations benefits the client with costs savings and the ability to service small to large clients. Our digitization process is designed to minimize disruption to your operations. Therefore PGO can work onsite or offsite, after hours or on weekends to meet our client needs.


Automation is the cornerstone of our lean and efficient operations.This derives cost savings for our clients coupled with improved data quality. We are constantly evolving keeping abreast with the latest industry trends, new hardware and software tools.

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Reduce your carbon footprint while concurrently giving organizations greater economic yield. Customers are increasingly environmentally-conscious and green practices enhance brand image and allow meaningful engagement.



9-11 Fitt Street,Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad, WI

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